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The Land
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The Land

The Land, sponsored by Nestlé USA, is all about agriculture and the balance of nature. There are several attractions inside the pavilion.


Soarin'. It's a simple idea, but it makes for a great attraction. It's a little like hang gliding, if hang gliders had seats, as you soar above California landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite National Park, the naval yards of San Diego, the orange groves of the interior of the state, and even Disneyland. You sit in a contraption something like a porch swing with seatbelts, your feet dangling, and you are raised up in front of a giant movie screen that fills your field of vision. Slight movements of the seating, along with wind effects and even piped in scents, combine with the movement of the cinematic images in front of you to create a strikingly effective illusion of flight. The result is exhilarating.

As simulators go, this is the most gentle one ever created: the slight tilt and swing of the seats is minimal (other than the initial rising up) and so smooth you hardly notice it. That makes it suitable for just about everyone, young (note there is a 40" minimum height requirement) and old, unless you have a fear of heights or are unusually susceptible to motion sickness (as there's little actual motion, closing your eyes can help with that if need be). The illusion of flight is slightly more effective nearer the center (due to the curvature of the screen) and on the highest row (no feet dangling into your sightline) but it's still a great ride from any seat.

Soarin' has become one of the most popular rides in Epcot; everybody wants to ride, and re-ride, it, so you'll want to ride very early in the day, or a least arrive early enough to get a FastPass, to avoid the inevitable long lines.

Why California? Because the original of this attraction was developed for Disney's California Adventure theme park, next door to Disneyland, and when it was transplanted to Florida they kept the same Soarin' Over California ride film instead of creating a new one. Still, imagine what scenes could be created for a Soarin' Over The United States, or Soarin' Over The Word. Let's hope some day Disney loosens up the purse strings and springs for a new production that takes Soarin' to new heights.

Living With The Land is an informational boat ride through Disney's experimental greenhouses. Innovative farming techniques, from hydroponics to ways we may even be able to grow food on space stations in the future, are demonstrated with real live plants, actually being grown in these ways. The fruits, vegetables, and herbs produced here are put to good use -- they're served upstairs in the Garden Grill restaurant.

If you want to get a closer look, the Behind The Seeds tour will take you into the greenhouses on foot. (Extra charge, reservations necessary).

The Circle of Life is a 20 minute film starring Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba from Disney's The Lion King. The dangers of unplanned development are illustrated by a blend of live action nature footage with animation as the ever excitable Timon plans the jungle housing development Hakuna Matata Estates. Interestingly enough, the explosive development of the Walt Disney World property is not used as a convenient example in the course of this cautionary tale. Some of the live footage is from the film that formerly played in this theater, Symbiosis.


Garden Grill, a rotating, full service restaurant offering dining with the Disney characters and a view of Living With The Land's environmental scenes.

Sunshine Seasons. The best fast food in Future World is right here at this food court with multiple stations offering a variety of soups, salads, wood fired specialties, sandwiches, and bakery goods (great place to grab a pastry for breakfast while you grab a FastPass for Soarin'). It tends to get quite crowded here during normal lunch hours.


There's a small gift counter near the entrance of Soarin'.

Where To?

The Land is on the East side of Future World, between The Seas With Nemo and Friends and Imagination.

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