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The Seas
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The Seas With Nemo and Friends

The Seas is built around a huge, six million gallon saltwater aquarium. The ride part of this pavilion is really only an introduction to the main attraction -- the undersea ecosystem on view and various educational and entertaining exhibits about sea life inside.


The Seas With Nemo and Friends. Marlin should get one of those kid-leashes you see here sometimes, because that kid Nemo has wandered off again. We board a "clam-mobile" for a trip into the undersea world to help Marlin, Dory, Crush, and other characters from the popular Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo find Nemo once again. The animated characters are ingeniously blended with the real sea life of the coral reef tank along the way.

You disembark in Sea Base Alpha, an undersea research center of the future. Be sure to visit the second floor displays and viewing areas for the underwater tanks to see the coral reef area, dolphins, and the endangered manatee. There are also tanks featuring the varieties of fish seen in Finding Nemo. You can stay and view the fascinating undersea life as long as you wish. Want to dive the reef? A dive tour is available (extra charge, reservations required).

Turtle Talk With Crush. Dude! This attraction is totally righteous! Finding Nemo's Crush the turtle has some questions for humans, and we can ask him some back, in this interactive show. The animated Crush actually holds conversations with people in real time in a very convincing illusion. Amazing and entertaining. It's understandably popular, but the theatre's not that big, so long lines are the rule. But don't miss it, brah.


If looking at all those fish makes you hungry, there's always the Coral Reef Restaurant here, where you can enjoy eating seafood while watching it swim by in the giant tank (Reservations recommended).


Yes, there's a gift shop with Finding Nemo stuff and sea related items.

Where To?

The Seas is on the East side of Future World beside The Land.

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