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World Showcase Plaza
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World Showcase Plaza

Separating Epcot's Future World and World Showcase is the corridor of Showcase Plaza, a beautifully landscaped transition area with a few surprises of its own.


On either side of the plaza are docks for Water Taxis which make regular, if slow, trips across World Showcase lagoon.

About halfway across the plaza, something happens to the normally staid atmosphere of Epcot, and you may actually hear spontaneous laughter-- and get splashed! Here several fountains erupt from right out of the sidewalk and wonderfully unpredictable intervals, and on a hot day you might want to fling yourself into the spray with wild abandon. So, go ahead. Play in the water. Dance in it. Cool off and splash the kids. It's okay -- that's what it's there for. Just bring a change of underwear, unless you enjoy walking around all squishy (and have waterproof diapers for your little ones).


The Refreshment Port, just before Canada, offers McDonalds' fries, chicken McNuggets, and McFlurries, but why would you want to get something you could buy anytime for less outside the park when there are so many more interesting food options available just a little further along World Showcase?


Finally, at the end of the plaza, welcoming you to World Showcase is -- a couple of Disney Character merchandise stores (what else?).


Odyssey Center, on the East side of the plaza on the Future World side, is home to the First Aid Center and Baby Care Center. While The Odyssey used to be a full time restaurant it is now used mostly for special events.

The former Millennium Village, just past the plaza between Canada and The United Kingdom, is now the World Showcase Events Pavilion, a special events center.

Where To?

From Showcase Plaza you can turn left (as you face World Showcase Lagoon) to visit Mexico or right to visit Canada.

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